Understanding The Necessity Of Prepaid Legal Services

Understanding the necessity of prepaid legal services is the first step to living more secure. Those with prepaid legal service memberships often do not understand the necessity of the services and decline to continue with their membership.

Long term members have a clear understanding that any issue rather big or small should be taken advantage of through their prepaid legal services membership. Long term members also understand that prepaid legal services is a “legal insurance.” Very similar to medical, dental, car, and other insurances. Here are 5 reasons to have prepaid legal services.

  1. Legal Insurance – In similarity of other insurances. Prepaid legal services gives you access to law firms which insures your legal rights are protected. Everyday situations can be unpredictable and questions may arises that can go unanswered. Majority of the population could have used the assistance of an attorney but were unable to afford an attorney. With prepaid legal services, there are no co-pays and no deductibles. If an investment can be made in phone insurance, why not protect yourself from any legal hassles. Thousands of dollars are spent in car insurance and you may never or rarely get into an accident but the protection is there just in case you need it.
  2. Membership Perks – Some prepaid legal services like Legalshield, offer discounts at selected retail stores
  3. Affordable Legal Protection and Legal Services – At the average price of an individual prepaid legal plan of $19.00 a month, that is less than a cup of coffee a day. This eliminates a 30 minute consultation (prepaid legal services consultations are unlimted), hourly rates, and retainer fees.
  4. Additional Legal Services Included – This pertains to individuals with a family, small business, or other assets that need legal protection. Identity theft protection is also available with more enhanced services than the average identity theft protection plan. For example, most identity theft plans only monitor credit. Legalshield’s identity theft protection plan includes a team of private investigators plus identity theft restoration services.
  5. Emergency Access – A legal emergency that occurs outside of normal business hours of an attorney can be stressful. Prepaid legal services offer 24/7 emergency access to speak with an attorney.

There are reviews that may not support prepaid legal services but the necessity of legal protection is clear. Everyone deserves to have their rights protected and receive affordable access to the legal justice system. Just remember you may spend tons of money on car insurance and never utilize it but the protection and services are available. Those services can be used whenever needed and great to have because life is unpredictable.

Access Prepaid Legal Services Now

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