Prepaid Legal Services – The “Uber” Of Legal Access

​Prepaid Legal Services| The “Uber” Of Legal Access

Prepaid legal services have increased over the past few years with last year being the highest. Companies like Legalshield and Legalzoom are at the top of the list with massive numbers of memberships sold. The prepaid legal company Legalshield has sold 1.65 million memberships in the last 12 months. Later in this article, I will break down why prepaid legal services are the new “Uber” of legal access.

So what exactly are prepaid legal services?
Prepaid legal services are legal services that give individuals, families, and businesses access to a network of law firms. Very similar to medical, dental, and other insurances. Prepaid legal services would be classified as legal insurance. Legal services and access to an attorney are made affordable through monthly membership payments based on the type of legal plan coverage investment.
Just image 1.65 memberships with the lowest plan at $17.95.

17.95 × 12 = 215.40

215.40 × 1.65 million= $$$$$$$$

I’ll leave the math for you to calculate

It allows members to have an attorney without spending thousands of dollars.

Prepaid legal services the “Uber” of legal access? Huh….
Here’s Why:




For example: Legalshield has an app that gives you instant access to an assigned law firm. Legalshield also has an emergency 24/7 attorney access button embedded in the app. Another distinct feature is the ability to snap shot speeding tickets. If those aren’t enough, the Legalshield Shake app allows you to create legal documents on the go.

The convenience technology has provided today’s society is amazing. Smartphones can be used for just about anything these days. Just imagine having access to an attorney for questions you may have or legal issues that may arise. A low cost investment that can save individuals, families, and businesses money!

Access Prepaid Legal Services Now

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