Small Business Solutions – 6 Powerful Instagram Hacks

Powerful Instagram Tips To Gain Followers- Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Network Marketing, Bloggers

One may ask, what attracts people to a certain Instagram account? How does an Instagram user sustain its number of followers? How does it get famous by the day? Let’s take a closer look on how to succeed in increasing the number of followers and instagram engagement.

1.)      First impression

Firstly, your profile name should be easily searchable and recognizable. If the business name you are using is already taken then try to keep your username second and the business username first. This way people searching for related businesses will more likely be able to come across your profiles thereby increasing the chances of more visibility. A good and catchy profile picture also sets an impression in the users mind, hence you should be able to make that display picture radiate good vibes. Once the user is on your profile he/she may either be impressed or unimpressed in the matter of seconds. The easier the access to your account the more chances of getting that follow button turn blue. Let your profile be public which will instantly mean that the user will invest more time on your profile going through those pictures and understanding you better, so let that account be public. Next bio of your account should be informative, catchy, delightful, actionable and not too text heavy. It should deliver your message and be original for others to know that this account has more to deliver in the future.

2.)  Field of interest

Before you get started you need to be a ‘guru’ at whatever field it is you choose to inspire others. Your profile should give that extra piece of information that others don’t give with an achievable guide to follow certain goals that others can follow. For instance, fitness freaks should set easy routine workouts for aspiring followers which can be easily incorporated in their lives, make-up bloggers should provide step to step application tutorials to provide a clear understanding of achieving the looks they want.

3.)  Learn the art of photography

Instagram is all about pictures. Which is why you need to master your art of it. The pictures that you post should not only be relevant, but they should also be inviting and interesting enough for people to click on them and double tap. Do not be afraid of showing your humorous side, either with the picture itself or the caption beneath it. However, be sure to not joke about something that is offensive to others. Sharpening your photography skills will definitely be a plus and will put you ahead of others.

4.)  Your biggest asset

The world today feeds on gossip and drama, satisfying their curiosity. They are so concerned with what goes on in other people’s lives, which can be your biggest advantage. Apart from, obviously, sharing your expertise on your field of interest, you can also keep things interesting by posting little routines of what you do throughout the day. This will keep others coming back for more!

5.)  Hashtag: keep it relevant

Hashtags were introduced to various other social media platforms from Instagram. Which is exactly why the originality needs to be contained, and only relevant hashtags should be posted. While posting irrelevant hashtags may get some people visiting, it won’t sustain them. Using a hashtag instantly puts you in a list of others using the same hashtag, making you more discoverable. You could even use a unique but effective hashtag and start a trend!

6.)  Importance of a meaningful caption 

The words you choose to put in your caption hold a lot of importance. Not only does your caption need to be relative to your picture, it also needs to be meaningful as whole. For instance, if you are the owner of a beauty page, you could write your tips regarding a specific topic that the post targets in your caption.

With practice comes perfection

Getting anyone to ‘follow’ you these days is very simple. Learn to turn a negative of the world today – people’s nosiness in the business of others – into your strength, and earn not just popularity for it but also money. 

I initially struggled with instagram but these tips that I have shared have helped me tremendously. You can visit my instagram link on the homepage to see more. Thanks for reading!




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