Small Business Solutions – How To Generate Free Website and Blog Traffic 2017

Your guide to generating free traffic to your webpage or blog!

If you are an owner of a blog or a website for the purpose of making money off it, then you need to generate high traffic. ‘Traffic’in this sense is a measure of the number of people that visit your site, the amount of time that they spend on it browsing different pages, which, too, are recorded. If your website leads to someone clicking on a link and following it, then it is your gain too. 

What high traffic means for you 

The importance of a high inflow of viewers to your website is to keep it relevant to those concerned with your topic of discussion on your webpage. The endless numbers that show at the bottom of the Google search page give us enough of an idea of how vast and deep the sea of webpages are. With each one being different, you have to make your page standout. A website is a means of business, and if there aren’t any customers to your business (viewers on your website) then you are at a loss. 

  • Quality over quantity

The quality of content on your webpage has to be good enough for people to consider it recommendation worthy to others. This will in turn bring more traffic to your webpage. Also, if your content is relevant to the target audience, then the probability of them signing up for your newsletter is high. 

  • Market the right product 

An identification of your target audience needs to be made first. If you can understand the needs and wants of your target audience, then you are able to serve them better. A fair understanding of how their mind works is also of importance. If you are able to figure out their psychology, you are able to know what tactics will attract them. 

  • Stay updated Other ways you can keep the traffic on your page flowing and increasing is to keep your content updated with the ongoing trends of the world. People are only interested in what can help them or concerns them in the now. If you are helping provide them with that information sufficiently, then you are off to a great start. 
  • Have social media serve you With the increased usage of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can put these in your service and do the magic for you by listing your page on said websites. Because of a vast amount of users, if not all, a high amount will still click on the link of your page and visit it out of curiosity.
  • Making use of the popularity of others Closely related to the knowledge of ongoing trends, this method concerns the usage of people who are currently popular. If it is a celebrity who is known to be involved in a scandal or controversy as of lately, then include articles about him/her. If it is another blogger like yourself, request them to make a guest appearance on your website and to give your page a ‘shoutout’ on their own. 
  • Set benchmarks and follow One way to generate traffic is to learn from the best. Take a thorough look at websites doing well for themselves and study them. What is it that they’re doing differently that you aren’t? Analyze their content and apply their tricks to your own, or even improvise. There is nothing better than originality, and the world works through trial and error. 

Be sure to use catchy headlines and titles for the posts on your webpage. Not only should they be short and understandable by the common, but it should also draw their attention enough to visit your website. 

  • SEOA more complicated but effective way to invite traffic is through search engine optimization (SEO). What this essentially is that it lists your article on the first of Google search, provided the right keywords are used appropriately and the content is of good quality. While this may be the most time consuming, it is also said to be the most effective. 
  • Attract the right, not all 

Keep in mind that your end goal should not just be to invite all sorts of audience. No, your goal should be to attract the targeted audience while also being of interest to those slightly interested in your category of content. Inflow of the right audience will result in the right word of mouth marketing, and inflow of the wrong audience will result to criticism of your website because those that visited did not find it relevant and claimed it to be a waste of time. However, use quality content at all costs, for word of something bad spreads faster than that of good. 

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