Small Business Solutions – 5 Principles For Success

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If you are tired of not seeing results and growth in your business then this article is for you! After I hit a plateau within my business, I had to stop and look at what I was doing wrong. It has always been said that we learn from failures and it is true. I wasn’t necessary failing at this point but I wasn’t seeing the growth that I was hoping for until I applied these 5 Principles To my business. My favorite principle is the reevaluation principle because it initiated the necessary changes that I needed badly. Here are the 5 principles that will help you with your business.
1.) Set Goals– This is a golden rule to live by in order for you to accomplish what you want to achieve. Set short term, mid term, and long term goals. Yes, I said mid term goals. What I consider mid term goals are those that you want to accomplish by months. Short term would be weeks. This break down helps with reevaluation periods to decrease wasted time.

2.) Time management and planning– Once your goals are set, manage your time properly by planning. These 2 go hand and hand. It’s very difficult to manage time if you don’t have any plans to accompany that time. With time management and planning, you are working towards your goals.

3.) Consistency– I view consistency as the gas pedal you need to press in order to accelerate. Being inconsistent is like stop and go, stop and go. It takes much longer to get to your destination being inconsistent. Stay consistent to get to the finish line.

4.) Reevaluate– This is something that I learned while serving in the Navy. It’s essential to know what worked and what didn’t work. Even if something is working for you, always think of how it could be improved. These reevaluation moments will put you back on the road with your business to more growth. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT! (Tip: Google Analytics is a great way to monitor website traffic for free Click Here for Google Analytics)

5.) Personal Development– Success will not come unless you are improving yourself. Improving yourself comes with personal development which can be achieved through reading, watching, or listening to influential leaders in your industry. It has always worked better for me when I find a leader that I can connect with. It’s easier to embrace their teachings. Spend at least 30 mins a day on personal development and your mindset will shift in the direction you want to go.




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